The modern world is screaming on every side of technology. People are well informed about their busy schedules and requirements, they do not have time to look for different brands, products, and designs from offline marketing methods, such as paper newspapers, books, traditional television, and radio communication. In the current scenario, the Internet and mobile phones are the most preferred way to share any information, so when discussing the term “digital marketing,” customers can access information anytime, anywhere, according to their convenience. Internet and globalization have reduced the world to a key point where people from around the world can access information via computers, tablets or mobile phones. Digital marketing is a boon to business owners who can influence the image of their companies through digital marketing and reach a larger segment of customers around the world.

You need to do digital marketing

In the age of technology in which Smartphone rules our lives, we feel obliged to access the details of the product online only via mobile phones, computers or tablets. The transformation of the company does not mean that there is a large number of hits on the product page, but the conversion of traffic to potential customers or increased sales. Online marketing is a tool that works on the client’s psyche through attractive content, advertising, and many other marketing methods, and digital marketing tools and techniques provide business owners with the best opportunities to compete, stay and even promote business.

Question about the price

The first and most important reason for choosing digital marketing strategy 2018 is, but it is clear that the cost factor, which is very economical, as compared to the traditional methods of non-online marketing. To illustrate the fact that television advertising or newspaper advertising can cost a lot and without any guarantee that it will be noticed, on the contrary, e-mail or social networks can reach a large audience around the world.

Reliable customer feedback

Other benefits that are actually commensurate with business needs are immediate and credible customer feedback and feedback on service updates over time. Thanks to digital marketing, business owners do not have to spend a lot on customer surveys and opinions, but objective information can be obtained through online marketing and ultimately gain customer trust. The average increase in revenues of small and medium-sized enterprises can be more than quadrupled by using digital marketing techniques, because it allows the product to grow in size and reach local and external markets.

Brand Recognition

Online marketing is beneficial for the brand’s reputation, and thanks to satisfied customers and their comments in real-time, business owners can reach another potential customer group. This helps business owners make the brand’s reputation disappear as expected, opening up more opportunities to reach larger markets and achieve growth.

Territorial Area: 9.188 km2
Population: 274.135 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Playa Bonita
Puerto Vargas
Hitoy Cerere
Barra del Colorado
Cahuita National Park
Tortuguero National Park

In the middle of tropical jungle, where the flora and fauna make profusion of an excessive natural splendor, the fantasy of the area, the Caribbean tradition and the multiplicity of attractions make that the tourists enjoy in an plenty way of the natural gifts which gave to Costa Rica its name.

Limon offers to the visitors the tropical forest, national parks, beaches, recreation centers, rivers restaurants, hotels for all types but in special the most magic and beautiful platform that it has never seen before.

Trips to the tropical forest by sailing on the river or by walking in the forest, any way that the tourists come to Limon, they will enjoy of their stay and they will never forget their discoveries in a tropical fantasy setting.

The Afro-caribbean culture that domains at the area transmits an emotive rhythm each one of its visitors, the ambient of the area and the quality of its people make Limon the province of happiness, parties and the favorite in Costa Rica. The air transmits the desire to enjoy, laugh and stay at its shore at the moment you arrive to this beautiful and Caribbean province. Traveling to Limon is like dream pleasantly and wishing this sensation comes to the end.

Territorial Area: 11.277 km2 Population: 358.980 residents Interesting places for tourism: Puntarenas Dona Ana Jaco Cabo Blanco Reserve Corcovado National Park Carara Biological Reserve Isla del Golfo (Gulf…

Territorial Area: 101.141 km2 Population: 218.234 residents Interesting places for tourism: Tamarindo Flamingo Sámara Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach) Playa del Coco (Coco Beach) Santa Cruz Golfo de Papagayo…

Territorial Area: 3.125 km2
Population: 392.907 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Basílica de Los Angeles
Ujarras Ruins
Church of Orosi
Orosi Valley
Irazu Volcano National Park
Guayabo National Monument
Lankester Garden
Tapantí National Park

Cartago keep inside of her the most greatest secrets, antique traditions, historical relic etc. Each one of them has an extensive past in which certainly there were a lot of involved people, that have made Cartago a province with a mystical-historical very special attractive.

The Basilica of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles currently is the most visited attractions by tourists. Its architecture has received the most honourable praises from those who has met and stayed it. But this is not all that we can say and talk of this tourist attraction, every year on August 2nd, thousands of followers of the Negrita Virgen de los Angeles comes from all different places of Costa Rica, many of them come by walking hundred of kilometers in order to thank to “la Patroncita” some favors or granted miracles. And for this reason this big tradition is part of the history of Cartago that many tourists will like to know about it.

To continue talking about Cartago, there is something very particular in this province its good to stand out its peacefulness. There is a indescribable peacefulness that it seems the peace was born here and at the same time it spreads toward its beautiful natural reserves where the heart of any tourist would be trapped either foreign or national tourist. The foreign tourist because they will discover this paradise and the national tourists will be stunned by knowing all that beauty is part of their country.

One volcano…Irazu Volcano. Its name in Cartago and Costa Rica is a synonym of admiration and respect because many years ago it demonstrated it strength and intensity in one eruption covering a big part of the country, making the population recognize its immortal impotence, after that moment it has kept silence in order to show its secrets.

When the breeze clear up the clouds that were over it, the colossus has allowed seeing its wonderful splendor. Today, many of thousands people have contemplated its majesty, and those who have not met yet, and when they meet it, their faces will not look the same.

Cartago is a place of contrasts, where the tourists, besides to meet the Irazu Volcano, they also admire the beautiful big landscapes, big vegetables sown field that sometimes are like alive pictures with full of colors. Country little houses bordered by a plantation of cabbage, are some of real examples, panoramas of this place, in where the flowers let also them show their beauty which they are formed.

The zone of Cartago is blessed with exuberant nature that decorates each spot that is found at its own paths. Deep inside of the park you will the impressive Cachí hydroelectric stemming, where many tourists take many pictures of them that of course never lack in this tour for their families memories. Inside of this little province you can enjoy of an attractive for those who likes of high tensions: the rafting. This activity enriches in a specific way the greatest natural ambient of Cartago.

Definitely, if there is a place that a tourist must know and visit this is Cartago, the province that keeps in its peacefulness a very special history between national parks and naturals spots.

Territorial Area: 9.753 km2 Population: 586.836 residents Interesting places for tourism: Historical and cultural Juan Santamaria Museum La Guácima, Sarchí race track Poás Volcano National Park Arenal Volcano…

Territorial Area: 4.959 km2

Population: 1.227.776 residents

Interesting places for tourism:

National Museum
Jade Museum
Gold Museum
Contemporary Art Museum
Natural Science Museum
Museum of Children (Museo de los niños)
National Theater
Costa Rica University
National Culture Center
Amusement National Park (Parque Nacional de Diversiones)

San José, Costa Rica is incredibly changeable city in where business and the Bohemian art combine each other.

Theaters, museums, movie theaters, restaurants, casinos, hotels, stores… there is everything at the heart of this city.

Specialized places of Costa Rican typical craftsmanship, artists working in clay sculptures on the sidewalks, others work on the best Bohemian clothes that tourists who visit Costa Rica have never appreciated before.

The center of San José -as well known and called by Costa Ricans- has everything for all tastes, this fact is guaranteed for all tourists who arrive to this country, from people who stay one night because next day will go to the beautiful beaches to those who come for business and at night want to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Nights full of illusions, emotions, smiles, cultures or amusement: for all this things San José is the best place and option.