Territorial Area: 9.753 km2
Population: 586.836 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Historical and cultural Juan Santamaria Museum
La Guácima, Sarchí race track
Poás Volcano National Park
Arenal Volcano National Park
Birds Zoo
Marine Zoo
Butterfly Garden

City of the Mangos (Ciudad de los Mangos)

Park of the Mangos (Parque de los Mangos)

Home of the Manudos (Hogar de los Manudos)

With any of these typical phrases of the residents of this province, it is very probable that any tourist can get to ask where is Alajuela?

The City of the Mangos-well known many years ago-is a province where the friendship of its residents is a special characteristic. It is very common to observe at the Park of the Mangos (Parque de los Mangos) sitting and talking about football soccer, new stories, and some Costa Rican humor, that never lack in this place.

Alajuela, also, enjoys an excellent weather because it seems that the spring passed and stayed in this place, a wonderful example of this fact is the city of Atenas, this city has been considered as the owner of the best weather of the world.

Also, this province has an important volcano: the well-known Poás Volcano. This volcano is different from other volcanoes in the country, because its crater is the biggest of the world, besides has a national park perfectly equipped in order that the tourists enjoy of this walk tour in a completely form.

The vegetation and flora are another attraction of the Poás Volcano National Park, as so its natural paths, in where you can watch, admire and see the different types of vegetation in where the spring weather combines perfectly with the tropical humid weather.

Finally, and for the delight of the tourists, Alajuela has an extensive variety of tropical fruits, this fruits are grown most part of the year. Hundred of tourists spend their time at this province enjoying of the typical and gastronomic food, the hospitality of its people and its beautiful nature.

Certainly, one night in which the beautiful sparkles of the Arenal Volcano appeared, the nature was inspired to create the star of the sky, because this impressive and spectacular colossus gives to San Carlos a special quality that all people who come to visit this city never forget it.

And there is much to say of San Carlos: First of all, we have talked about its volcano, but at the same time it completes with its beauty its extensive flora and fauna that there is around, not only the volcano, also its lagoon of the same name.

Exuberant, exotic and extended for all the plains it does not matter where you look. San Carlos is surrounded by its beautiful landscape as the nature is able to produce and create by itself or maybe at nights while the volcano is showing its profusion splendor up, the lagoon is rising up light drizzle with the wind, it is the perfect moment when the magic charm becomes wild flowers beautiful.

But as part of the nature is never enough the color of its beauty, we cannot ignore the exuberance of the plains, the mountains let go from them the most exotic and never imagined flora… are there flowers at the mountains?

Yes, and it is possible to see in San Carlos, where the nature did not skimp on the quantity of colors, forms and the most delicate perfumes born from the same heart of GOD.

At San Carlos, the flora’s beauty let also a very particular fauna, because it seems that the toucan, o Curre for example, found here their special residence, and also put a seal on its indefinite stay, a thought that many tourists will pass in their minds when they admire not only the toucan, also, the biggest variety of multicolor butterflies accompanied with beautiful species of birds that when they combine in one flight, it is a unforgettable experience.

San Carlos is place full of a special beauty and contrast between its nature and its people with a hospitable heart, in where the tourists when will get there, they can remember a little piece of the new world with all its facilities and comforts in order to enjoy it.

Costa Rica is full of beautiful and enchanted places, but the most impressive places is Sarchí at where you can admire the perfect ability of the craftsmen in those pieces in which you can admire art and beauty. At this little town of Alajuela you can get the most useful handmade products as also all those you can imagine.

Thousands of tourists have taken to their homes one part of the heart of these craftsmen by getting this poetic wooden art.


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