Territorial Area: 3.125 km2
Population: 392.907 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Basílica de Los Angeles
Ujarras Ruins
Church of Orosi
Orosi Valley
Irazu Volcano National Park
Guayabo National Monument
Lankester Garden
Tapantí National Park

Cartago keep inside of her the most greatest secrets, antique traditions, historical relic etc. Each one of them has an extensive past in which certainly there were a lot of involved people, that have made Cartago a province with a mystical-historical very special attractive.

The Basilica of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles currently is the most visited attractions by tourists. Its architecture has received the most honourable praises from those who has met and stayed it. But this is not all that we can say and talk of this tourist attraction, every year on August 2nd, thousands of followers of the Negrita Virgen de los Angeles comes from all different places of Costa Rica, many of them come by walking hundred of kilometers in order to thank to “la Patroncita” some favors or granted miracles. And for this reason this big tradition is part of the history of Cartago that many tourists will like to know about it.

To continue talking about Cartago, there is something very particular in this province its good to stand out its peacefulness. There is a indescribable peacefulness that it seems the peace was born here and at the same time it spreads toward its beautiful natural reserves where the heart of any tourist would be trapped either foreign or national tourist. The foreign tourist because they will discover this paradise and the national tourists will be stunned by knowing all that beauty is part of their country.

One volcano…Irazu Volcano. Its name in Cartago and Costa Rica is a synonym of admiration and respect because many years ago it demonstrated it strength and intensity in one eruption covering a big part of the country, making the population recognize its immortal impotence, after that moment it has kept silence in order to show its secrets.

When the breeze clear up the clouds that were over it, the colossus has allowed seeing its wonderful splendor. Today, many of thousands people have contemplated its majesty, and those who have not met yet, and when they meet it, their faces will not look the same.

Cartago is a place of contrasts, where the tourists, besides to meet the Irazu Volcano, they also admire the beautiful big landscapes, big vegetables sown field that sometimes are like alive pictures with full of colors. Country little houses bordered by a plantation of cabbage, are some of real examples, panoramas of this place, in where the flowers let also them show their beauty which they are formed.

The zone of Cartago is blessed with exuberant nature that decorates each spot that is found at its own paths. Deep inside of the park you will the impressive Cachí hydroelectric stemming, where many tourists take many pictures of them that of course never lack in this tour for their families memories. Inside of this little province you can enjoy of an attractive for those who likes of high tensions: the rafting. This activity enriches in a specific way the greatest natural ambient of Cartago.

Definitely, if there is a place that a tourist must know and visit this is Cartago, the province that keeps in its peacefulness a very special history between national parks and naturals spots.


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