Territorial Area: 2.657 km2
Population: 315.158 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Monte de la Cruz (Mountain of the Cross)
Ojo de Agua (Water Eye)
Braulio Carrillo National Park
Parroquia de la Inmaculada (Parish Church of the Virgin Mary)
Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí (Sarapiquí Old Port)

You cannot find in any country around the world a lot places with names of Saint as in Heredia.

Santo Domingo
This place is very famous for its beautiful landscapes and architectonic and historic designs. It is only 10 minutes from San José, lying peacefully and pretty territory of Santo Domingo.

San Joaquín de Flores
The religious traditions of the area have made of their activities considered very artistic appeals in this way a crowd of national and foreign tourists in order to share the spiritual festive parties of San Joaquin de Flores.

Also, among its traditions, San Joaquin offers the best sorbet ice creams of Costa Rica, which are prepared and sold in front of the satisfied clients with a lot of folklore.

San Lorenzo
It is a little town where you can watch an excellent football soccer game among friends. It is a good reason for joining to this town.

San Jose de la Montaña
Its mountains are the best attraction for the tourist. In this place is easy to find a big variety of mountain hotels, each of them with a special attractive, but all of them with a little peace of Heaven that comes from the paradise. Its fresh weather evokes to the romanticism of those do not pass the opportunity of giving this captive feeling in their hearts.

Santa Barbara
In this place the tourist will find famous restaurants by their foods in the middle of a little and peaceful town, at the foot of the Barva Volcano and in a fresh weather and surrounded by the rural heat of the area.

Heredia is well known not only for the Saints, also because is province with beard. This is the name of one of its town full of splendor of the province of Heredia, which was declared as historic town because it maintains antiques houses made by adobe, for this reason we can say that in Barva de Hereida the history and the old Costa Rican traditions are stopped. It is easy to find for the tourist in the party town the famous clowns, the Cimarrona and typical food.

Visiting and knowing Heredia will be for the tourist an excellent experience full of surprises in the middle of a combination of typical with the delicious aroma of the that surround this town.


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