Territorial Area: 9.188 km2
Population: 274.135 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Playa Bonita
Puerto Vargas
Hitoy Cerere
Barra del Colorado
Cahuita National Park
Tortuguero National Park

In the middle of tropical jungle, where the flora and fauna make profusion of an excessive natural splendor, the fantasy of the area, the Caribbean tradition and the multiplicity of attractions make that the tourists enjoy in an plenty way of the natural gifts which gave to Costa Rica its name.

Limon offers to the visitors the tropical forest, national parks, beaches, recreation centers, rivers restaurants, hotels for all types but in special the most magic and beautiful platform that it has never seen before.

Trips to the tropical forest by sailing on the river or by walking in the forest, any way that the tourists come to Limon, they will enjoy of their stay and they will never forget their discoveries in a tropical fantasy setting.

The Afro-caribbean culture that domains at the area transmits an emotive rhythm each one of its visitors, the ambient of the area and the quality of its people make Limon the province of happiness, parties and the favorite in Costa Rica. The air transmits the desire to enjoy, laugh and stay at its shore at the moment you arrive to this beautiful and Caribbean province. Traveling to Limon is like dream pleasantly and wishing this sensation comes to the end.


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