Territorial Area: 11.277 km2
Population: 358.980 residents
Interesting places for tourism:
Dona Ana
Cabo Blanco Reserve
Corcovado National Park
Carara Biological Reserve
Isla del Golfo (Gulf Island)
Playas de Manuel Antonio National Park

This province is very important for Costa Rica because of its beautiful beaches and the fast growth of the hotels for vacation area for national and international tourism.

Puntarenas is recognized by Costa Ricans as EL PUERTO, happy place with a nice and good night ambient, excellent seafood, restaurants with national and international food.

An important characteristic of Puntarenas is its annual carnivals that do not go unnoticed for national tourist and many foreign visitors have taken a good experience with them for enjoying this party due to of the annual and big mobilization of these people.

Puntarenas is an ideal place for fishing as sport, also, is a place for fishing as an important source of income and jobs for the residents of this province.

When you get to EL PUERTO is very sure that any tourist will leave without knowing the famous Paseo de los Turistas (Tourist Street) and of course enjoying some of the delicious food that in this place offers to the tourist.

This hot and tropical province offers for the enjoyment of the tourist the nearest beaches only one hour from San Jose. The national and foreign tourist makes contact with the folklore of the area: typical foods, candies and the famous “copos” are part of the landscape that never lacks in a sunny, beach and maritime ambient.


Beaches, sun, sand, and sea and someone called Manuel Antonio?
No one knows exactly who Manuel Antonio was at Quepos, but everybody knows that Manuel Antonio Beach and National Park are very important part of the National and International Tourism

Quepos or Puerto Quepos belong to the province of Puntarenas and it is located at the Pacific. This place has a lot years dedicated of its tourism beach development mainly, because at all sector of Manuel Antonio, you will find hotels for all types of budget.

The beaches of Manuel Antonio form part of the most important attraction of this port, because its National Park appeals not only vacation tourism also scientific tourism that study the different kinds of flora and fauna of this park.

Puerto Quepos (Quepos Port) has an interesting, night atmosphere, a variety of food international restaurants. It seems that many tourists who came to Quepos were impressed and fascinated and they decided to stay permanently in this port and today these people who got to this place as tourist, are contributing with the tourism that visits Quepos.

Puerto Quepos (Quepos Port) enchants the heart from those who meet and know it, and it is inevitable.


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