Territorial Area: 4.959 km2

Population: 1.227.776 residents

Interesting places for tourism:

National Museum
Jade Museum
Gold Museum
Contemporary Art Museum
Natural Science Museum
Museum of Children (Museo de los niños)
National Theater
Costa Rica University
National Culture Center
Amusement National Park (Parque Nacional de Diversiones)

San José, Costa Rica is incredibly changeable city in where business and the Bohemian art combine each other.

Theaters, museums, movie theaters, restaurants, casinos, hotels, stores… there is everything at the heart of this city.

Specialized places of Costa Rican typical craftsmanship, artists working in clay sculptures on the sidewalks, others work on the best Bohemian clothes that tourists who visit Costa Rica have never appreciated before.

The center of San José -as well known and called by Costa Ricans- has everything for all tastes, this fact is guaranteed for all tourists who arrive to this country, from people who stay one night because next day will go to the beautiful beaches to those who come for business and at night want to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Nights full of illusions, emotions, smiles, cultures or amusement: for all this things San José is the best place and option.


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