Certainly, Costa Rica is the ultimate paradise. This small state of 50,000 square kilometers between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean has about the same size as Switzerland. Not only ecotourists and retirees praise it a lot for its abundance of fauna, flora such as trees. – the country has no military, no nuclear power plants, almost no illiteracy, lots of culture and no winter – thanks to its openness and friendliness toward foreigners and a thousand other reasons, Costa Rica is the ideal country for people who want to retire from an active professional or business life and become a resident.

The words that best describe Costa Rica are perhaps “pura vida”. It means “pure life” and that is what visitors to this Central American country will find. From exotic animal life to exotic scenery, travelers will find themselves inexorably drawn to Costa Rica and its residents.

The abundance of activities available will have travelers checking and re – checking their lists to make sure they haven’t passed anything up. Itineraries can include witnessing a spectacular volcano eruption from the luxurious warmth of a hot spring or a rushing trip through a cloud forest canopy. Of course, there are those who will do both!

Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish and the words are not lost of this country. Named by Christopher Columbus, the country was colonized in the mid 1500s with Spanish settlers heading for the fertile central highlands.

One of the country’s most important assets is its people. Gregarious and hospitable, the “Ticos” set themselves apart when it comes to welcoming visitors. Whether helping you out with some complicated road directions or finding a good place to eat, Costa Ricans will go out of their way to help out a puzzled visitor.

San Jose is the capital and is the most cosmopolitan area in the country. Visitors like to spend a few days here visiting city sights and enjoying shopping and dining. While the shopping and other attractions are worthwhile, take a few hours to visit the city’s many interesting museums and colorful markets. The best of the museums are the Museo Nacional, which has displays of Costa Rica archaeology, colonial furniture, costumes and religious art; and the Museo del Oro Precolombino, which houses a dazzling collection of pre – Colombian gold pieces. One of the most impressive city buildings is the Teatro Nacional or National Theater. Built in the 1890s, it hosts plays, operas, symphonic orchestra concerts and ballets.

Tour operators have honed their skills to a fine art. They cater to visitors in a way that will leave you with more than a passing desire to spend more time here. For nature lovers, the country does not lack for an extensive variety of sights. With over 15 different ecosystems, the traveler is exposed to a wide variety of flora and fauna, landscapes and ever-changing climate. You can enjoy a trek through the pristine cloud forest environment of Monteverde or drive up to the rim of a crater and enjoy the spectacular view. The choice is yours!

Speaking of choices, the beaches are plentiful and postcard perfect. Whether you’re in the area of Guanacaste. Puntarenas or the Caribbean, the fine sand beaches with easy accessibility are a treat to visit and a pleasure to behold.

We invite you to join us now on a paseo through the idyllic land that is Costa Rica!!


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