More than 1,000 tourist spots can be visited without difficulty.

Over 600 of those are natural sites that draw more than half of the tourists visiting Costa Rica.

124,000 Costa Rican families are involved with tourism.

The official promotion and regulating agency for tourism is the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT). The Board’s address is:
Instituto Costarricense de Turismo
Apartado 777-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Telephone in Costa Rica: (506) 222-1090 or 223-1733, ext. 277
Fax in Costa Rica: (506) 223-5452 or 555-4997
They also have a toll-free number in the US: 1-800-327-7033

Scores of tour agencies provide an abundance of packaged and specialized tours to all corners of the country.

All types of activities exist for the tourist: water sports, including fishing, white-water rafting and diving; nature hikes, camping, birding, horseback riding; ball sports such as tennis, beach volleyball, and golf.


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